As a Business Decision Maker, it can be quite difficult to hold your vendors to a high standard. You rely on them to provide a specific function to your business, but without in depth knowledge in their area of expertise, how can you be sure they are working up to industry quality standards? When it comes to Managed IT Services, we have you covered. Just ask your provider these three very important questions and you will be surprised at what you will find out.

Question 1: What are we proactively doing to prevent down-time and keep our business running smoothly?

Typical Response: “We have alerts on all of your devices and perform proactive maintenance”

Our Response: Alerting and Maintenance is only the beginning of making a business run smooth. Our unique, “Tech Success Plan”, encourages you to invest in technology to increase reliability and decrease overall technology expenditure. This continuous improvement cycle is second to none in the industry. (link)

Question 2: Do we have documented plans of action for disaster recovery, new user setups, and other business functions?

Typical Response: “We backup your data and will have no problem restoring it. If you need any documentation, we can do that for you. Let us know what you need.”

Our Response: We help you identify a practical disaster recovery plan that balances your time to recovery requirement vs price and then document and implement a solution that makes sense. Our team documents all standard business procedures such as New User Setups, Security Protocols, and “What if Scenarios” so we know your business as well as your operations manager.

Question 3: The infamous “What happens if you get hit by a bus/your company goes out of business?”

Typical Response: “Let me know what information you need and I can probably send it to you.”

Our Response: All of our clients have access to all IT information that our engineers do including Site Surveys, Best Practices, Special Instructions, Security Protocols, User Lists, and Passwords. We don’t hold you hostage with information you are entitled to. This information is updated in real-time by our team.

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